Spy on your favorite Tiger, Hammerhead, and Bull sharks in our custom-designed Google Earth interactive map.
Spy on your favorite Tiger, Hammerhead, and Bull sharks in our custom-designed Google Earth interactive map.

Tracking Quint

Species: Great Hammerhead
Scientific Name: Sphyrna mokarran
Date Tagged: May 30, 2014
Location Tagged: Biscayne Bay
Gender: Male
Total Length (TL): est. 277 cm

About Quint

The Story Behind the Name: Narragansett Brewing Company became permanently tied to Steven Spielberg’s iconic thriller “Jaws”, when their 1975 can design was featured in the film and famously crushed by Captain Sam Quint (portrayed by Oscar-nominated actor Robert Shaw).

To celebrate Shark Week this year, Narragansett opted to bring back the very can design as featured in the film. In conjunction with the re-launch of the retro design, ‘Gansett has teamed up with the Shark Research & Conservation Program at the University of Miami to help support shark conservation efforts in the Atlantic Ocean. Using a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the limited-edition retro can, Narragansett has sponsored the adoption of a shark through the purchase of a satellite tag, allowing researchers – and ‘Gansett fans – to track its movements and habits.

Throughout the summer, ‘Gansett fans were given the chance to help name the shark by submitting their suggestions via social media using the hashtag #NameTheShark. The 32 most popular names were then put in a competition-style bracket where fans voted for their favorite name is a series of head-to-head match-ups.

As expected, names of characters, props, and quotes from Jaws prevailed as many of the fan’s favorite names. In the end, it was the film’s Captain, the very same that crushed the can and merged ‘Gansett and Jaws to begin with, that crushed the competition and prevailed victoriously. Quint.

Satellite Tagging: Quint was carefully tagged with the latest in satellite tag technology providing us with the first opportunity to follow the long-term movements of these threatened species. Please keep checking back frequently to follow Quint ’s movements, which will be updated every few days as his satellite tag continues to send us real-time tracking data.

Adopt-a-Shark: For information on how you can contribute to our shark conservation research by adopting and tracking your own shark, please visit our Adopt a Shark page.

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