Who We Are

The SRC team is made up of University of Miami faculty, staff, and students from a variety of disciplines, including biology, ecology, environmental policy, communications, law, and education. SRC’s field research supports the data collection of faculty as well as of our graduate and undergraduate researchers. Our student interns are the backbone of the SRC program, playing a major role in successfully carrying out our research and outreach activities.

Faculty and Staff

    • Our Director: Catherine Macdonald, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor
    • Lydia Baker, Ph.D., Lecturer
    • Liza Merly, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
    • Julia Wester, Ph.D., Lecturer
    • Christian Pankow, Assistant Director
    • Jacob Jerome, Intern Coordinator
    • Claire Waterhouse, Lab Manager
    • Nola Schoder, Media Manager, Photographer
    • Christopher Will, Research Assistant

Ph.D. Students

    • John Hlavin, Ph.D., Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy
    • Christine Martin, Ph.D., Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy
    • Delaney Reynolds, Joint Ph.D./J.D., Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy
    • Emily Yeager, Ph.D., Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy
    • Amani Webber-Schultz,  Affiliated Ph.D., New Jersey Institute of Technology

Masters Students

    • Karizma Acosta, M.P.S.
    • Alex Anstett, M.S.
    • Nicole Bozkurt, M.P.S.
    • Madeline Davis, M.P.S.
    • Miranda Fincher, M.P.S.
    • Dale Kline, M.S.
    • Nathan Lam, M.P.S.
    • Veronica Lopez, M.S.
    • Marissa Maldonado, M.P.S.
    • Kathryn Miller, M.P.S.
    • Sara Morales, M.P.S.
    • Jennifer Norcross, M.P.S.
    • Jaelise Pittman, M.P.S.
    • Kylie Powers, M.P.S.
    • Johnathan Rucker, M.P.S.
    • Noah Sonnenberg, M.P.S.
    • Hunter Hogan, Affiliated M.S., Acadia University

Undergraduate Interns

    • Francesca DiMisa
    • Matthew Ellis-Ramirez
    • Claire Fandal
    • Max Graivier, Photographer
    • Ryan McMullen
    • Khrista Nicholas
    • Katie Pavlik